Welcome to Half Epsilon

Half Epsilon’s goal is to make value move around the world as easily as information. Our product, the One Time Spend Machine (OTSM), is capable of performing localized double spend prevention. A network of OTSMs can transfer tokenized assets among themselves in a peer-to-peer (point-to-point) fashion without using intermediaries for transaction processing.

Tokenizing Real World Assets

There is large interest in tokenizing real world assets. Half Epsilon’s One Time Spend Machine is a technology to enable tokenization, secure custody and institution-to-institution transfer of tokenized assets without intermediaries or blockchains. Please see the link above.

Inter-bank Payments with Tokenized Fiat Currencies

Notice that there is no such thing as a correspondent bank in the crypto-economics world. People “bank” with crypto-currency exchanges that offer services in their jurisdictions. If alice@coinbase, a resident of the US wants to transfer BTC to bob@coinhako, a resident of Singapore, she may do so in real time. Can we bring in this concept to the banking world? Can cross-border inter-bank payments be made without correspondent banks? The answer is yes. A key enabler is bank issued Tokenized Fiat Currencies. A second key enabler is Half Epsilon’s One Time Spend Machine. Please see the link above.

Point-to-point Inter-bank Retail CBDC

The evolution of Singapore’s payment, clearing and settlement systems has been driven by technological progress. In this report, we highlight new technological progress, a brand-new way of transferring electronic value, that could significantly influence the design of retail Central Bank Digital Currency (rCBDC) infrastructure in Singapore and beyond.

Founding Team

Pralhad Deshpande, Ph.D.

Responsible for vision, design and overall execution. ex-IBM Research. Experienced technical leader.

Sanil Borkar

Responsible for engineering the core product. ex-Amazon, ex-Businesssolver. Experienced engineer, hackathon winner & contributor to open-source.